Students unmoved by UKIP but turn backs on coalition

Voting | 28 May 2013


Our most recent polling of students and their voting intentions has been reported in The Times.

Students unmoved by UKIP but turn backs on coalition

By Greg Hurst

Students are far more positive towards the EU than most voters and much less likely to be carried along by the surge in support for UKIP, research suggests.

It found that two fifths of students wanted Britain to stay in the EU, with only one in five saying they would vote to leave. Just 7 per cent said they would vote for UKIP in a general election.

The poll showed that support for the coalition parties has waned among students since they went into government and, in particular, since the trebling of university tuition fees.

The Conservatives were backed by 21 per cent of students while the Liberal Democrats, who until three years ago were the most popular party on campuses, have slumped to 8 per cent.

Labour was by far the most popular party on campuses with 47 per cent of the student vote. After the Tories, the Greens polled 13 per cent of the student vote with UKIP trailing in fifth place.

Voting preferences among students have always been out of kilter with the electorate at large but student voting patterns are taken seriously by parties.

The poll of 1,000 students, carried out by YouthSight, a market research company, was conducted at the height of the recent media focus on UKIP.

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