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HE Insight Club: Youth in Focus | London | December 2017
Here's What Happened At YouthSight's Biannual Insight Event For HE Professionals...

We're so excited to share the great success of the first HE Insight Club Event. Specifically...

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University Market Insight Conference | Leeds | 21st November 2017
 We're speaking about BAME students (the application journey) at this year's University Market Insight Conference in Leeds on 21st November 2017.
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Gen Z, Millennials & Food: 10 Trends You Need To Know | Free Webinar | 17th October 2017

Our Youth Research & Insight Research Manager, Jane Mackey will be hosting a free webinar to reveal 10 food trends we've spotted in our State of the Youth Nation tracking data....

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CX & Insight Leaders | Congress Centre, London | 11th October 2017
Our head of Youth Research & Insight, Josephine Hansom will be presenting 'Millennial trends that reveal the State of the Youth Nation', at the CX & Insight Leaders conference on...
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LEAF Conference | Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd., Holborn, London | 20th September 2017
YouthSight's Jane Mackey will be sharing key insights on food trends at the LEAF Conference, hosted by Sainsbury's.
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Millennials In The U.S. & U.K. Released By YouthSight & YPulse | Free Webinar & Comparative Reports | 6th November 2017
The Influencer Effect and The Millennial Employee Handbook compare the behavior and preferences of Millennials in the U.S. and U.K. on influencer marketing and workplace strategies.
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The YMCA National Conference | University of Warwick | 14th July 2017
YouthSight's Josephine Hansom will deliver the Key Note Speech at the YMCA National Conference on 14th July 2017.

Our Head of Youth Research & Insight, Josephine Hansom will be...

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CIM's The Student as a Consumer | Manchester | 13th July 2017
Associate Director of our Higher Education Insight division, Andréanne Orsier, will be discussing youth trends at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) conference on 'The...
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50 Of The Biggest Millennial Trends To Reveal The State Of The Youth Nation | Free Webinar | 13th July 2017

Hundreds of you tuned into Josephine's eagerly anticipated webinar last month, when she presented '50 of the biggest Millennial trends to reveal the state of the youth nation'. Due...

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Student Recruitment & Admissions | Holborn, London | 18th May 2017
Associate Director of our Higher Education Insight division, Andréanne Orsier, will be answering: 'Is the prospectus dead?' at this year's Neil Stewart Associate's (NSA) conference...
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Millennial 2020 | London | 3rd - 4th May 2017
Visit us at Millennial 2020 on the 3rd & 4th of May; Director Josephine Hansom will be counting down '50 Of The Biggest Trends' impacting Millennials.

We will be exhibiting and...

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Youth Marketing Strategy | London | April 2017
We're going to be exhibiting at this year's Youth Marketing Strategy show (YMS LDN) in London. 
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University Market Insight Conference | Birmingham | 22nd November 2016
YouthSight’s Andréanne Orsier (Associate Director, Higher Education research) speaks at the University Market Insight Conference 2016, organised by The Knowledge Partnership on the...
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HEPI Annual Conference | Regent's University, London | 9th June 2016
Managing Director, Ben Marks, will be speaking at the HEPI Annual Conference about the student journey.
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