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How Do Your Prospective Students Use Social Media To Make Their University Choices? | HE Research Snippet #31

On clearing day last year, Staffordshire University made the unusual choice of offering last-minute places via Snapchat. Sheffield Hallam made offers on Facebook Messenger, and...

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Are Unhappy Students Spreading a Negative Message About Your University? | HE Research Snippet #30

In March this year, a student sued Anglia Ruskin University for her ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree which, she claimed, did not prepare her for future employment. “The

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A degree Is Not Enough: The Universities That Succeed And Fail In ‘Selling’ Their Story On Future Employability | HE Research Snippet #29

The growing importance of employability for prospective students picking a course or university has been big news for some time. Yet certain

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Could Your Communications Convert More Prospective Students? | HE Research Snippet #28

The race to convert applicants into students has well and truly begun. The main UCAS application deadline was in January, so it’s now ‘make or break’ time

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How Can Universities Stop Failing Students With Mental Health Issues? | HE Research Snippet #27

The number of students dropping out of university citing mental health issues is at a record high. So why are institutions forcing students to wait for up

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Just How Much Do Parents Affect Uni Choice? | HE Research Snippet #26

How do young people work with their parents when choosing where to study? Do parents collaborate or impose? Are there consistent and predictable ‘styles’ of involvement out there? 

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Video Insights Into The New PG Loan | HE Research Snippet #25

We think the new PG loan is big news.  It was introduced in 2016 with the aim of boosting the stagnating PGT enrollment numbers[1], especially from lower socioeconomic groups...

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Could tackling the gender pay gap help universities grow market share? | HE Research Snippet #24

Gender pay inequality is big news. Last week’s IFS’s report on the topic dominated the headlines. In her inaugural speech as Prime Minister, Theresa May stressed the need to...

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For PGT, The Importance Of Reputation Is Only Intensifying | HE Research Snippet #23

When choosing a university for a postgraduate degree, reputation becomes more important for many prospective postgraduates. YouthSight’s syndicated study, PGT

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Links with industry and placement opportunties are changing the game | HE Research Snippet #22

The sector has crossed a symbolic line. For the first time our Higher Expectations survey has recorded that, when selecting where to study, high-achieving prospective students now...

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When it comes to university choices, parents are more ‘Free Range’ than ‘Helicopter’ | HE Research Snippet #21
Our HE Research Snippets reveal interesting findings. 
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Loughborough Uni Tops Student Experience Survey 2016

University league tables are used widely by students and parents, but do they adequately examine student experience? Our latest research polled 15,000 full-time undergraduates from ...

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Just How Important Is Community Membership For Freshers? | HE Research Snippet #20

The UK’s HE funding bodies are asking if they should include an optional question in NSS on feelings of community membership at university.

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We asked our community of students the cheapest thing they did to save money!

"How can I eat for the rest of the week if I go out tonight?" 

This is the question many cash strapped students regularly face. But what is it really like to live on a student loan...

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