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All I want for Christmas is...

Last week we asked 1000 students what was at the top of their wish list for Christmas this year on our Student Omnibus Questionnaire.

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Tuition Fees and Student Protest
Photo by Smart7
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Effective Marketing in Higher Education

An insightful conference about strategies for universities to effectively market to, recruit and retain students in a time of increased student expectations and a challenging job...

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Fees research by the University of Leicester and OpinionPanel

Research carried out by OpinionPanel and the University of Leicester, looking at a cross section of 10 named universities, found that 1 in 10 of prospective students would be put...

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Working-class revolution not reaching posh unis

A poll by OpinionPanel and the University of Leicester found that 14% of students from low-income homes would be deterred from applying to university if fees rose from the current...

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University Study Examines Impact of Higher Fees

Research conducted by OpinionPanel and the University of Leicester, looking at a cross section of 10 named universities, found that 1 in 10 of prospective students would be put off...

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Tables for The Student Vote 2010 - Multi year
Data analysis of key student voting questions and demographics over 55 waves.
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How much more will students pay?

Opinionpanel's new report "How much more will students pay?" by Professor Anna Vignoles examines likely responses to changes in higher education tuition fees.

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What do UK students think of mobile handset brands?

Opinionpanel has been working with the consultancy, mobileYouth, looking at how students interact with their mobile handset brands; in particular looking at mobile handset brand...

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Holiday jobs to fund studies

Three-quarters of students have a holiday job to help fund their university studies research shows. About 73% of students said they had a job to help cover the cost of their degree,...

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Why you shouldn't go to university

Half of full-time students set to graduate this summer are seriously considering postgrad options. This option is popular among student who attend either Russell Group or other...

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Graduates contemplate further study

We carried out some research about what students hope to go on to do after they complete their studies. The results show that half of this year's undergraduates are seriously...

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The Complete University Guide

The Complete University Guide will soon be publishing their updated annual league table. As an additional benefit for student visitors to their website, they are featuring some...

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We're your future

Opinionpanel has released a report on graduates and the recession. Key findings from over 500 recent graduates highlight their desire for employers to see beyond the short term and...

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