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Why you shouldn't go to university

Half of full-time students set to graduate this summer are seriously considering postgrad options. This option is popular among student who attend either Russell Group or other...

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Graduates contemplate further study

We carried out some research about what students hope to go on to do after they complete their studies. The results show that half of this year's undergraduates are seriously...

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The Complete University Guide

The Complete University Guide will soon be publishing their updated annual league table. As an additional benefit for student visitors to their website, they are featuring some...

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We're your future

Opinionpanel has released a report on graduates and the recession. Key findings from over 500 recent graduates highlight their desire for employers to see beyond the short term and...

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Asking for it

A London Student survey carried out by Opinionpanel Research on the Student Omnibus Survey has revealed the attitudes of the UK's student population to rape. Key findings were that...

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Happy to be here - the Student Experience polling

Results of the Times Higher's Student Experience polling is published in full.

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Does choice of university determine earnings

New research published yesterday shows that students who want to get a good job that pays well should apply to an institution belonging to the Russell Group or 1994 Group of...

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NUS major study into student experience

NUS President Wes Streeting said: “This report gives us an unprecedented insight into the experiences and concerns of students. We look forward to working with tutors, institutions...

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Graduate employment and earnings

Universities are delivering on student expectations of higher graduate salaries, according to a new report by the 1994 Group of student-focused, research-intensive universities. ...

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Online surveys - an easy way for extra cash

Managing director at the student finance website recommends The Student Panel as a way for students to swap their time over the internet to boost their income.

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Old heads on young shoulders

Coverage of a report published on June 26th by Opinionpanel which documents a big shift in political allegiances on campus since 2004.

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New research by Opinionpanel and London Media shows that students, the vast majority of whom own PCs and MP3 players, are staying loyal to the CD format despite the convenience of...

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Shifts in the student account market

Research carried out by Opinionpanel - The Student Account Acquisition Study 2007/8 - reveals the latest trends in the student account market in both England & Wales and Scotland.

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Sales house targets student radio

Opinionpanel research found that more than 75 000 students with access to student radio tune in at least once a week and 92% want relevant news and services.

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