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High Ranking for University

North West Evening Mail's coverage on how Lancaster University came 30th in the Student Experience Awards 2007.

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Social life high on wish list

A good social life and extracurricular activities rank alongside teaching quality when it comes to the factors students consider most central to their university experience.The...

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The Competitive Edge

Which universities offer students the best value for money? Ben Marks Managing Director of Opinionpanel looks into The Student Experience. See page 3 for Ben's article.

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Average student debt to hit £17,500

First-year students are totting up record debt levels of nearly £6 000 a year and face leaving university owing more than £17,500 ,according to a survey today by Opinionpanel...

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Degrees of debt

Over the past decade annual student debt has increased by a staggering 167% - from £1.2 billion to £3.2 billion according to a new study by carried out by Opinionpanel...

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Debt sentence for 2007 graduates

Almost 50,000 students will graduate in 2007 with an average debt of £11,000 but a staggering 14,500 will owe more than £20,000 with some even hitting the £30,000 mark according to...

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Working students lose out on pay

STUDENTS in Scotland are the most hard-working in the UK with a third working more than 25 hours a week. Scottish undergraduates typically graft for five hours more than other...

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A minor majority

Can students spell? Opinionpanel ran its very own spelling test. Click here to view the full article

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Can students spell?

University students often get a bad rap in the press - especially when it comes to spelling and grammar! So we decided to run a mass test - just for a bit of fun.

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In-Flight Education

PRESS - The Guardian - The Age of the Student Eurocommuter.

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Shifts in the student account market

New research carried out by Opinionpanel – The Student Account Acquisition Study 2006/07 - reveals the trends in the student banking market.

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Loughborough - The Students Choice

Loughborough University has been crowned the most popular university among students.

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Degrees in Destruction

Two-fifths believe that universities should boycott companies with any involvement in the arms trade while one fifth believe that universities should be allowed links with arms...

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Some students get far more teaching

Can a degree that takes less than 20 hours' work a week to complete be worth the same as one that demands more than 40 hours a week from students?

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