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HE Research Snippet 19 – Clearing Students Need Your Love

More than 61,000 undergraduate students were accepted through Clearing for 2014. The final number for 2015 entry will be even higher. That means that around 12% of freshers will...

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In a recent presentation at GuildHE (the body representing 27 UK universities, university colleges and specialist colleges) James MacGregor, Head of HE Research at YouthSight, and...

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HE Research Snippet 18 – Don't Ignore The Subtleties Of Applicant Decision Making

The drivers of university choices among UK prospective undergraduates are well-researched. Reputations, course appeal, and employability figure prominently as they hint at how much...

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1/10 Students Own Their Own Business - Who Are The Student Entrepreneurs? - Youth Culture Snippet #5

Corporate culture is being challenged by start-up culture, prompting young people to question the world of work and the skills that are relevant to the workplace.

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HE Research Snippet 17 - Finally, Some Measures We Can All Agree On

Vague measures of reputation and employability have long been the dominant factors in university choice. But, their meanings are ambiguous. They are overlapping and multi-faceted...

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Five Facts About This Year's Freshers - Youth Culture Snippet #4

It’s the beginning of a new year, a time for reflection and contemplation… As freshers settle back into university (somewhat more familiar with their environment, friendship groups...

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HE Research Snippet 16 - Taught PG Loans Are Here - It's Time To Switch Strategy

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on Government-backed loans for postgraduate taught students is reigniting senior teams’ interest in offering these courses.

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HE Research Snippet 15 - Open Days: Getting The Basics Wrong
Our latest snippet of research looks into the importance of open days. 

Img source: University of NewCastle Open day 2017

Open days matter more than ever.

Open Days are becoming...

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Student Spending Segmentation - 4 Spending Styles You Need To Know - Youth Culture Snippet #3

Becoming a student is a momentous event for any young person and it is often the first time they take control of their finances. Stereotypically, students manage their finances in...

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HE Research Snippet 14 - The Flip-Side Of Expansion: How To Avoid Triggering An Institutional Review

Universities have been operating in a fast-changing environment in recent years. Having timely insights on which to base decisions has never been so important. Our Snippets have...

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HE Snippet 13 - Are The Hills (And Clubs) Alive With The Sound Of Your Students?

University marketing teams are always keen to discover what makes their institution unique. Sometimes the answer – or at least part of the answer – lies right under everyone’s...

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HE Snippet 12 - What’s The Only Thing That Has Become Less Important In Undergraduate Decision-Making?

We’ve been measuring what new undergraduate starters regard as being most important in their decision making process for 11 years. In that time, nearly every one of the 42 factors...

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HE Research Snippet 11 - Is Your Institution Getting Across Its Message On Future Employability?

Future employability statistics now play a major role in prospective students’ decision-making, feeding into, amongst other things, league tables, Key Information Sets and HEI...

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HE Research Snippet 10 - PGT Price Expectations And How Fees Affect Demand

November’s Snippet is based on findings from our latest syndicated research study, PGT+BE: Using behavioral economics (BE) to understand how students really make their taught...

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