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HE Research Snippet 9 - Open Day Trends & Do Parents Still Attend Open Days?

YouthSight’s first HE Research Snippet unearthed an interesting upward trend in parental attendance at university open days. Although this research was conducted with ‘pre-£9,000’...

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HE Research Snippet 8 - Why Clearing Students Are Twice As Likely To Be ‘Detractors’ Of Your University + How To Fix This

Most students who go through Clearing have had to re-evaluate their university choices because their grades were not what they hoped for. Having not got into their first choice...

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HE Research Snippet 7 - What Motivates Students To Study A Particular Subject?

University choices are often complex, multi-faceted decisions, but the decision on what subject to study at undergraduate level often boils down to a few key factors. Our Higher...

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Celebrating Research in British Universities
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Depressed, anxious, lonely, and homesick: study reveals darker side to student life

A new study released by the Nightline Association suggests negative feelings and mood states including depression, anxiety, and stress are prevalent in the UK’s student population.

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HE Research Snippet 6 - The Increasing Importance Of University Open Days: Why It's Crucial To Make A Great First Impression

Our latest research shows that Open Days are becoming increasingly – and significantly – more important in the applicant decision-making process.Our Higher Expectations study (which...

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Congratulations to UEA, top dogs in this year's Student Experience Survey (fieldwork once again by YouthSight)
The University of East Anglia came top in the Times Higher Education’s Student Experience Survey.
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HE Research Snippet 5 - Exclusive Insight Into UK Universities And their Net Promoter Scores

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have been touted as the ‘Ultimate Question’ for business leaders because of their strong positive correlation with revenue growth. Bain & Co, the...

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HE Research Snippet 4 - Are Students Still Using University League Tables? Which Is Most Popular?

Love them or hate them, university league tables are central to the decision-making of many university applicants. And with increasing consumerisation

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Consumer champion Which? releases new research on what students should expect in their first semester at university

Which? has released new findings from a survey of 2012/13 university freshers, which looked at how students’ expectations of their first semester at university match up to the...

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A brand built on sand? Some thoughts on the Russell Group
YouthSight's Ben Marks shares his thoughts and insight on open day.
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HE Research Snippet 3 - Do Undergraduate Students Know What Mission Groups Are & How Is The Russel Group Perceived?

With the recent growth in membership of the Russell Group and following a series of departures from the 1994 Group (e.g. the universities of Bath and Surrey),

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HE Team – Applicant views on multi-disciplinary degrees

YouthSight has been commissioned by a pre-1992 university to undertake a two-stage research project exploring applicants’ views on multidisciplinary degrees. The project will...

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I can’t get no satisfaction
It’s time to measure student engagement rather than just satisfaction.
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