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HE Research Snippet 7 - What Motivates Students To Study A Particular Subject?

University choices are often complex, multi-faceted decisions, but the decision on what subject to study at undergraduate level often boils down to a few key factors. Our Higher...

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HE Research Snippet 6 - The Increasing Importance Of University Open Days: Why It's Crucial To Make A Great First Impression

Our latest research shows that Open Days are becoming increasingly – and significantly – more important in the applicant decision-making process.Our Higher Expectations study (which...

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HE Research Snippet 5 - Exclusive Insight Into UK Universities And their Net Promoter Scores

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have been touted as the ‘Ultimate Question’ for business leaders because of their strong positive correlation with revenue growth. Bain & Co, the...

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HE Research Snippet 4 - Are Students Still Using University League Tables? Which Is Most Popular?

Love them or hate them, university league tables are central to the decision-making of many university applicants. And with increasing consumerisation

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HE Research Snippet 3 - Do Undergraduate Students Know What Mission Groups Are & How Is The Russel Group Perceived?

With the recent growth in membership of the Russell Group and following a series of departures from the 1994 Group (e.g. the universities of Bath and Surrey),

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HE Research Snippet 2 - How Can Universities Reduce Dissatisfaction & Improve Retention Among 1st Year Students?

The 2012/13 batch of fresh-faced first year students are now just over a month into university life. Many will already be reflecting on how their early university

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HE Research Snippet 1 - Parents And University Open Days: Key Trends

Last year we distributed a free research paper on parental involvement in university open days, 2008/09 to 2010/11. We asked if the rise in helicopter parenting and the...

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