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Students unmoved by UKIP but turn backs on coalition

Our most recent polling of students and their voting intentions has been reported in The Times.

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Old heads on young shoulders

Coverage of a report published on June 26th by Opinionpanel which documents a big shift in political allegiances on campus since 2004.

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Where has all the passion gone

Coverage of a report by Paul Whiteley, professor of government at the University of Essex, on Opinionpanel's student voting poll.

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Data Tables for the Student Voting Study

Data analysis of key student voting questions and demographics over 33 waves.

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Student Voting Study released

Opinionpanel Research has released the latest results of their Student Voting Study, the only comprehensive analysis of the political views of the student population over the last...

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Lib Dems eclipse Labour on campus

Labour's electoral dominance on Britain's campuses will come to an end on May 5 amid a surge of support among academics and students for the Liberal Democrats...

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Lib Dems' education vision winning votes

Some 47 per cent of students have decided to back the Liberal Democrats...

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Students favour Lib Dems and Labour

The Liberal Democrats will get the bulk of the student vote at the next general election with freshers most likely to vote against Labour.

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Academics and students 'Surging behind Lib Dems'

Support for the Liberal Democrats among academics and students has surged according to two new polls...

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Lib Dems invest £100,000 in student power

The Liberal Democrats have set up a £100,000 fighting fund to help to target student voters.

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Liberal Democrats regain student vote

Opinionpanel finds a massive student swing to the Liberal Democrats in the run up to the General Election in May 2005.

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Fees fail to sway student voters

Only one in five students will cast their vote because of concerns about tuition fees...

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