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The Student Vote: Labour’s vote share & Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity drop. Likely turnout rises to its highest for 15 years.

YouthSight has been tracking the Student Vote since 2004. Our latest wave of research (Wave 141) was conducted 16th to 19th August 2019 for the Times Higher Education.  It shows...

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What do students think about contextual admissions? | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor Wave #6

In wave 6 of the HEPI / Youthsight Monitor we look into  contextual admissions and investigate what students really think about this offer-making process. 

Since 2015 we have been...

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Students back bailouts | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor #5 | March 2019

In wave 5 of the HEPI / Youthsight Monitor we review students' view surrounding the widely debated topic of institutional failure.

The monitor report compiled by the Higher...

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Student Views on Brexit | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor Wave #4 | January 2019

Student views on Brexit

YouthSight / HEPI Monitor 5

YouthSight has been tracking the political views of students since 2004 and views on Brexit since 2016.  Today’s release was...

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Student Opposition to Brexit Grows

Tomorrow’s leaders reject Brexit; the Government’s handling of it & Labour’s position on it

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Over 68% of Students Back Labour - Student Voting Intentions + Brexit [HEPI Policy Note 4]

Over two-thirds (68%) of students now back Labour, but most of them think Labour (55%) and Jeremy Corbyn (58%) back Remain.

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Students Support Labour & Jeremy Corbyn But Don’t Trust Them On Student Fees | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor #3 | May 2017

Last week, HEPI and YouthSight polled over 1,000 full-time undergraduate students entitled to vote in the 2017 General Election.

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Open Britain - Poll on Students and Brexit Regret

Open Britain commissioned YouthSight to conduct a poll of UK students to see how they voted in the EU referendum, determine levels of regret in relation to the vote and understand...

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Topline Findings On UK Students & Brexit - Registration, Turnout and Post-Referendum Blues

Students in the UK turned out in large numbers to vote in the EU referendum but have to live with a result that they feel very negatively about.

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Video: How Do EU Students Feel Post Brexit?

Brexit delivered a huge shock to the UK's 124,000 EU students.

They've received reassurances, but we wanted to learn how they are actually feeling -

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Independent, Financial Times and T.H.E report on our Student EU Referendum Data
YouthSight's recent research with Universities UK on the EU referendum is featured in the Independent, BBC News, Times Higher Education, Financial Times, CITY A.M., Daily Express ...
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Students unaware of EU referendum date and many registered at wrong address – new poll
Over half of British university students do not know when the EU referendum is taking place, according to a new poll published today.
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Should we stay or should we go? | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor Wave #1 | December 2015

Welcome to the first of our new occasional series - the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor. As the name implies, each report will be a collaboration between the Higher Education Policy...

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Our Student Vote polling featured widely in the press after major HEPI report
Since 2004, YouthSight has conducted over 100 polls of the Student Vote, providing a data series that gives a powerful and unique picture of voting intentions and party...
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