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How Gen Z will change the world | Youth Culture Snippet #15

Gen Z are changing the world. They are challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change.

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Masculinity is undergoing a makeover | Youth Culture Snippet #14
In our latest Youth Culture Snippet, Josephine Hansom, Managing Director (Insight), shares her views on how the beauty industry has finally managed to break into the male market and...
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Millennials, Gen Z and Food: Trends and Truths | Youth Culture Snippet #13

Are young people really spending their money on food fads? Have they all gone vegan? This month we explore the topic of young people and food, with

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Who Are Generation Z? | Youth Culture Snippet #12

Generation Z are the new buzz demographic in marketing. Media and brands across the globe are asking what we can learn from them and how we

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How Do We Cultivate 'Brand Love' With Millennials & Gen Z In 2018? | Youth Culture Snippet #11

We can all relate. There’s nothing quite like your first love, by which of course I mean, trainers. I vividly remember being a student and saving

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What Beyonce’s Beyhive Can Teach Us About Brand Loyalty | Youth Culture Snippet #10

Question - which brand has the ability to captivate young people around the world?  Has the audacity to disrupt systems? Turn its fans into evangelists while overcoming set-backs...

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Lessons Learnt From The Most Expensive Gen Z Marketing Mistakes | Youth Culture Snippet #9

If you type ‘How to market to Generation Z’ into Google, you’ll be greeted with hundreds of articles on the subject. Yet many brands are not managing to hit the mark with this...

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What Do Millennials Think About Feminism And Gender Equality? And Who Do Millennials Look Up To? | Youth Culture Snippet #8

From Gamergate and Dapper Laughs to HeForShe and Suffragette, the subject of gender equality and feminism is rarely out of the spotlight.

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The Truth About Trends: 3 Tips To Consider When Introducing Trends Into Your Business | Youth Culture Snippet #7

The famous futurist Peter Schwartz calls it “the art of the long view”. Others refer to it as keeping your

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Why The Rise Of Snapchat Says So Much About Youth Culture | Youth Culture Snippet #6
Ben Marks provides his commentary to our latest insight on youth culture. 
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1/10 Students Own Their Own Business - Who Are The Student Entrepreneurs? | Youth Culture Snippet #5

Corporate culture is being challenged by start-up culture, prompting young people to question the world of work and the skills that are relevant to the workplace.

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Five Facts About This Year's Freshers | Youth Culture Snippet #4

It’s the beginning of a new year, a time for reflection and contemplation… As freshers settle back into university (somewhat more familiar with their environment, friendship groups...

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Student Spending Segmentation - 4 Spending Styles You Need To Know | Youth Culture Snippet #3

Becoming a student is a momentous event for any young person and it is often the first time they take control of their finances. Stereotypically, students manage their finances in...

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Do Young People Think The Voting Age Should Be Lowered To 16? | Youth Culture Snippet #2

In the run up to the general election, YouthSight will be posing questions to young people across the UK about issues that affect them. The first in our series explored student

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