The Gen Z Starter Pack: Available to purchase now

Press and Announcements | 16 Dec 2019

We're excited to announce the launch of our new research package - the Gen Z Starter Pack. It's the perfect solution for brands starting out with Gen Z.

This new research package is designed for brands who want quick, practical solutions that will win instant brand affinity with the world's fastest-emerging consumer group.

Here's how it works... The package includes:

1. A brand mapping survey

We'll conduct research that will tell you what Gen Z think about your brand, and benchmark your performance against your competitors. 

2. On-site presentation

We'll come to your offices and present exclusive Gen Z insight that'll enable you to drive your brand forward

3. Action planning session

We'll then work with you to identify your next steps to engage, remain relevant and grow brand love with Gen Z 

Find out more

Interested in the Gen Z Starter Pack or want to know how it could work for you? Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements or click the link below for more details about the package.

Find out more >

Download the brochure

Gen Z starter pack cover copy


You can also read the full details about what is included in the package in our brochure. 

Request your copy by clicking the link below.

Request brochure >



Take a deeper-dive into Gen Z

Of course, we also offer more in-depth research that will solve wider youth market challenges and our State of the Youth Nation tracking product is available to purchase for instant access to Gen Z trends.

Bespoke research >

State of the Youth Nation >

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