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Support | 31 Jul 2020


YouthSight's MD, Tatenda Musesengwa joins Adam Jolley from The Ride podcast to talk all things youth research and reveals his plans for the new initiative that promotes inclusivity in the market research industry. 

You can listen to the full podcast on demand here:

What's featured in the podcast?

In this episode, Tatenda talks about his career in the panel and data services division at YouthSight and discusses how the landscape for research with Gen Z and Millennials has changed in the past decade.

The key trend Tatenda has noticed is the drop in attention of young people. "There's so much more content online now that keeping young people engaged with taking part in research has become increasingly challenging.

"It's our job to make sure we keep things engaging for our panellists. And because we focus on this so much within our OpinionPanel Community, we've become one of the leading agencies in the UK for youth research."

Tatenda continues to stress the importance of keeping content relevant for our panellists. They often have a stake in the outcome of much of our client's research, so we make sure we feed back results as much as possible. 

And in addition to this we also provide a platform for panellists to write their own blogs on topics that are important to them.   

All of this empowers them to have a voice and make a difference.

Topics covered

  • How to keep young people engaged in research in a modern world
  • Why we should listen to young people and respect their position as social change-makers
  • How we remain relevant to their world 
  • What we're doing to challenge the traditional way of working

Colour of Research (CORe)

In addition to all this, the podcast also reveals the details Tatenda's new non-profit initiative, the Colour of Research. 

As a co-founder, Tatenda talks about his plans for CORe and what individuals and companies can do to support the initiative.

About CORe

CORe was established to advocate for the inclusion of BAME professionals in the market research industry - an industry that remains under-represented. 

The company seeks to change perceptions of market research and provide advice to companies on how they can be more supportive, inclusive and attractive to people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Their mission is to bring the industry together and be an inclusive place for everyone. Find about more on how you can be involved:

Colour of Research 

About The Ride

Hosted by Adam Jolley in the US, The Ride is a podcast focused on bringing innovation to the forefront of the market research industry.

You can listen to more from The Ride here.


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