The Sodexo University Lifestyle guide 2012

Press and Announcements | 25 Apr 2012


The Sodexo University Lifestyle guide 2012 was recently released.

It’s a really useful 91-pager available free of charge here.

YouthSight conducted the fieldwork and data analysis based on a highly representative set of quotas. In total 2000 interviews were completed with UK representative targets for course year, age, gender and university type (Russell Group, Pre 1992 HEIs, Post 1992 and specialist HEIs).

There are sections on key reasons for going to university, the impact of the current economic climate, sources of funding for university, part time jobs, spending including accommodation and utilities, travel, socialising, books, leisure etc, study time, travel time, food and drink, etc etc

  • 55% students spend an hour or more per day on social networks
  • 72% of students worry about their degree grade (that’s consistently risen from 60% in 2004
  • Wifi is by far the most important requirement for accommodation
  • 51% of students expected that, if £9000 fees were in place, they would demand more from lecturers
  • Far more students at modern universities work (part time) during term time than students at traditional (old) universities - 33% versus 19%

Check out Soxeho’s detailed press release and their video preview of the findings.

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