Top 5 Leisure Trends According to Gen Z | New eBook

Youth Thinking | 06 Jul 2021


Our new eBook is available to download today - an essential read for marketers who want to immerse themselves in the worlds of their young audiences.

In this new issue you will gain insight into how Gen Z spend their free time, with 5 key trends that we're seeing emerge in 2021.

Our specialist youth researchers reflect on the data from our Gen Z insight tracker - State of the Youth Nation - and reveal the top Gen Z hobby trends as we head out of lockdown. Find out what is influencing and inspiring Gen Z, and how to apply this to your 2022 marketing strategy. 

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Hobbies eBook  


"Did you know...the top 3 lockdown hobbies for Gen Z were: reading, cooking / baking and knitting / needlework. 🤔 Read more in the eBook.."

- Data source: State of the Youth Nation.

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