The One Dayer Conference | The Hub | 25th August 2015

Events | 25 Aug 2015

Josephine Hansom speaks about the youth audience for independent music company the Hub at their One Dayer conference.

The Hub is an organisation set up to help promote independent music.  They invited Josephine Hansom, our Director of Youth Research to speak at their one day conference on “Independent Music, Money and Tech”. 

Josephine's session - an intentionally provocative presentation entitled “A Postcard From the Future” discussed three relevant youth trends and a offered provocation to encourage debate.

The presentation showcased findings from original research conducted by YouthSight entitled ‘A Soundtrack to Student Life’ (covered separately by The Hub, here)

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Founded in 2002, the hub develops new thinking and practice in the music and wider creative sectors. They combine their practice with consultancy.

Read more or watch our presentation here. 

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