Three Key Trends Holding Gen Z Back from Travelling Abroad

Youth Thinking, Youth Videos | 25 Apr 2022


Over half of Gen Z are eager to go on holiday abroad this year, but only one in five have actually booked. What's holding Gen Z back? 

We know that young people love to travel. According to our trend data from our Gen Z insight tracker - State of the Youth Nation - almost one in four 16-24s put travelling at the top of their bucket list! 

And in our latest Next Gen Poll it was revealed that 44% of Gen Z were either 'very likely' or 'definitely' going to travel abroad this year, with 18% saying they have something booked. In the same poll (of 230 16-24s) we found that the USA was the most popular overseas destination, with nine percent of Gen Z saying they want to visit America this year. This was followed closely by Italy (8%) and Japan (8%). Other popular spots included Spain, Greece and France.   

However, the top holiday destination for our young respondents was the UK. One in ten said they'd opt for a staycation over holidaying abroad and adding to this, 19% said they are either 'unlikely' or 'definitely not' going to travel overseas this year. 

This nervousness about travelling abroad has been spurred on by the rising costs of living and global crises. In the new video you can hear directly from young people, as they share their holiday aspirations, their worries about travelling and what they're looking for from companies to alleviate their concerns including tips on what would encourage them to book.  

HubSpot Video

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