Gen Z Trends Update (Part 1/3): Fashion, Food & Experiences

Youth Thinking, Youth Videos | 04 May 2022


We're kicking off a new mini-series to provide an update on the latest youth trends. In this first-part video, we hear the what's trending in the world of fashion, food and experiences. 

The new series is designed to inspire marketing professionals to produce content that cuts-through to Gen Z. Discover the trends that Gen Z are taking note of right now and shape your marketing around this. 

Watch the video for free today. Simply click the below link and enter your email to access the full recording and start creating content that will create stronger connections with Gen Z. 

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Put Gen Z's attitudes, values and behaviours at the centre of your marketing strategy and make smarter decisions that will future-proof your brand.

Watch Part 1

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Ask your own questions

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