UCAS Admissions Conference | 30th March - 1st April 2021 | Keynote Speakers

HE Thinking | 30 Mar 2021


We're excited to be keynote speakers on day two of the UCAS Admissions Conference 2021, presenting: The Student Mindset - Lessons Learned. 

Josephine Hansom will be speaking alongside UCAS’ Rebecca Hopwood to discuss the five key lessons learned from our webinar series on The Student Mindset.

We’ve been partnering with UCAS since the start of the pandemic to track applicant sentiments and help HE professionals plan for a very different recruitment year. In tomorrow’s discussion, we’ll be sharing the highlights from the webinar series and advising on how education marketers can boost attraction and conversion in 2021.

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Event details:

The UCAS Annual Admissions Conference is curated to bring the UK’s admissions community together to learn, debate, and challenge each other on current issues and hot topics. This year's virtual event will focus on how students make choices. 

  • Speakers: Josephine Hansom & Rebecca Hopwood
  • Date: 30th March - 1st April 2021 
  • Location: Virtual 
  • Book tickets: UCAS

About The Student Mindset webinar series: 

We've been working in partnership with UCAS to provide insights around the student mindset, helping HE professionals navigate through a uniquely challenging year. 

You can find out more or catch up on the series so far by following the link below.

View the complete series

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