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HE Thinking | 01 Apr 2020

YouthSight is the partner of choice for UCAS Media's new engagement campaign; bringing extra support to the HE Sector during these challenging times.

empty universityAs the news emerged that the UK would be entering a lockdown, many students were left feeling uncertain about their futures and are looking to higher education providers for support and guidance through this strange and isolating time. 

For some applicants the news of cancelled exams may be a relief. But for others, it'll be hugely disappointing that their opportunity to show the world what they're made of, has been taken away. And many know that the new formula being used to judge their work will not yield high enough grades for their desired university choice. The news will be a further blow to many young people who've already had many other milestones ripped away from them: parties, end of term celebrations, festivals...

This is putting an enormous amount of pressure on HE professionals right now - it is a critical time to understand your applicants' mindset and ensure your communication and recruitment strategies are tailored around their changing needs.  

To offer support to HEIs during these uncertain times, UCAS Media have launched an engagement package that will deliver free insight across the HE Sector, from reports and webinars to guidance on virtual events and social media promotions.

We were delighted to be chosen by UCAS Media to work with them on this campaign; we will be delivering key insight into the applicant mindset and the first results from our survey have already been published in TES - Nearly nine in 10 applicants (86%) said they were continuing with their university application as planned and almost two thirds (60%) said they had already chosen their firm offer for their university place.

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Webinar Series 

It’s vital - now more than ever - to know what your UG, PG and prospective students want from you. How do they want to be informed? What do they want to be informed about? What is the best tone and platform for you to communicate with them?

These are some of the questions we hope to answer in our upcoming webinar series, launching Monday 6th April 2020.

We have partnered with UCAS Media to bring you this series of webinars, completely FREE of charge, offering our insight into how students are feeling and what they are looking for from those around them.

To secure your place at Monday’s event, simply follow the link below.

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