Exciting New Updates to State of the Youth Nation

Press and Announcements | 26 May 2021


Have you heard about State of the Youth Nation yet? If you haven't - where have you been? 😄 It's the UK's most up-to-date and comprehensive source of trend data around 16-24s and the essential marketing tool for researchers and marketers who want to connect with their Gen Z audiences. If you're not a member yet, now is the perfect time to subscribe, because the dashboard just got even better...

Our Gen Z insight tracker will help you find out what you need to know about Gen Z, whilst saving you money on commissioning additional ad hoc research. It will keep you and your team plugged into youth trends, so you can be empowered to make better youth marketing decisions.

How does it work?

The dashboard 700+ questions tracked since 2015, revealing what young people care about, where they're headed and their digital worlds. Members get access to all this data, plus the best of our thinking through reports, webinars and Gen Z videos, and get exclusive invites to our Culture List webinars - which reveal the top content that Gen Z love right now. We'll also host a tailored workshop, focused specifically on your business questions. 

What's new?

In our most exciting update yet, members now benefit from being able to dig even deeper into the data and find out what you need to know quicker! Users can browse trends by topic area, filter by demographic variables, track opinions/attitudes/behaviours over time, create cross tables and export all the data you need at the touch of a button.

Sneak peak at the dashboard 

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Download/view the infographic for free here.  

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