What Beyonce's Beyhive Can Teach Us About Brand Loyalty | Webinar | 3rd April 2018

Events | 14 Mar 2018


If you'd like to find out 'What Beyonce's beyhive can teach us about brand loyalty', join us in our exclusive webinar on April 3rd. Just click below to reserve your seat.

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  • Event: Webinar 
  • Date: 11am, 3rd April 2018
  • Speaker: Josephine Hansom 
  • Team: Insight
  • Presentation: What can Beyonce's beyhive teach us about brand loyalty? 

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It has been said that the characteristics people value in admired celebrities are a reflection of what they expect from brands they engage with. This session will look back at the most popular celebrities of 2017 and learn about brand loyalty from those who have risen to fame and those who have crashed and burned.

We presented this at our packed-out talk at Millennial 2020 earlier this month! It was a fantastic show once again hosted by Voxburner and we're already excited to see what next year's conference will hold. Click here to read more about the event.



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