Webinar: 10 Unexpected Ways Gen Z Will Change the World | 10am, 24th September 2019

Events | 10 Sep 2019

Register to our free webinar and learn 10 unexpected ways that Gen Z are changing the world.

Gain exclusive insight that you can use to power your brand forward with the next generation of consumers.

In this free webinar, Managing Director of Insight Josephine Hansom and Associate Director Tanya Michelsen will be sharing our latest research on the attitudes and behaviour of Gen Z. The webinar will last for approximately 45 mins and will include current data informed by our insight tracking product State of the Youth Nation. 

By attending, you will discover how Gen Z is challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change in the world. We'll be covering topics that matter most to this generation, from climate change to brand relationships (see the full topic list below).

This webinar was originally presented as the keynote talk, which opened the 2019 Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) Conference in London - the world's leading youth marketing festival. 

The thought-starters shared in this webinar will make you smarter, more confident about making decisions that affect Gen Z.

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Topics covered

Within this presentation we will cover how:

  1. Gen Z will change the way we view identity
  2. Gen Z will know the value of their data
  3. Gen Z will change the way we trust
  4. Gen Z will change the way we love
  5. Gen Z will change the way we think about our bodies and minds
  6. Gen Z will change what we view as food
  7. Gen Z will change our footprint on the planet
  8. Gen Z  will change the way we view brands
  9. Gen Z will change how we bring purpose to our lives
  10. Gen Z will change how we 'influence'


Download the eBooks

We are also publishing a series of eBooks centred around the topic of 'How Gen Z Will Change the World'. Check out the first two volumes of the series:

1. How Gen Z Will Change the World Vol.1

2. How Gen Z Will Change the World Vol.2  


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