Which confectionery brands will be Gen Z's top choice this Easter?

Youth Thinking | 12 Apr 2022


The Easter bank holiday weekend is almost here and that means...chocolatey goodness. So, with chocolate on our mind this week, we decided to zone in on our Gen Z tracking data to uncover which confectionery brand is Gen Z's favourite and why...

The Easter weekend brings different meaning and traditions for different people. But, according to GWP, 65% of consumers think about chocolate first when asked about Easter. In fact, the holiday accounts for 10% of the UK's total chocolate sales and drives spending of around £299 million on Easter egg chocolate each year.

Gen Z view:

With this in mind, we asked Gen Z (16-24s) about their attitudes towards the five key players in the confectionery market: Mars, Cadbury, Kinder, Nestlé and Lindt. 

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Source: State of the Youth Nation, 2022

This question has been tracked in State of the Youth Nation (our Gen Z insight tracking product) since 2015 and reveals the clear brand favourite amongst Gen Z is....Cadbury. Almost two thirds of respondents say they buy this brand most often / most of the time. 

Cadbury also scored highly across all age groups. Last year's Most Loved Brand report (released by our parent company Savanta) revealed that Cadbury was the third most loved brand in the UK, behind Netflix and Amazon.

The report went on to explore how Cadbury manages to remain relevant after 200 years of operation - and their conclusion credits the emotional connection that the brand builds between it's consumers and chocolate. Their ad campaigns are synonymous with gestures of love and kindness.

Maltesers, Magnum, Galaxy and Lindt also scored highly with UK consumers, according to the report, and the common theme across their campaigns is simplicity and focus on great taste. 

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Plus we'll be dissecting more of data at this year's YMS LDN show.  In our presentation, we deep dive into our Gen Z tracking data from State of the Youth Nation to uncover differences within consumer sub-segments. Click here for more details about the event, including how to book tickets.

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