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YouthSight introduces Bright Young Minds: a new research profiling tool for co-creation with young people

YouthSight, the specialist student and youth insight agency (formerly OpinionPanel) have devised a new research tool based on their unique panel of 115,000 young people aged...

Ben Marks
Ben Marks

Ben is YouthSight's founder and CEO. He's a well-renowned personality in the market research industry and has great connections with the MRS and HEPI.

YouthSight, the specialist student and youth insight agency (formerly OpinionPanel) have devised a new research tool based on their unique panel of 115,000 young people aged 16-28.  The tool, called Bright Young Minds, has been developed specifically for people involved in new product development (NPD) and innovation, in particular researchers, marketers, brand specialists, designers and policy makers.

Based on collaborative work with academics from the London School of Economics and the Nottingham Business School together with in-house researchers, Bright Young Minds uses a unique profiling system that segments the best and the brightest students and young people into the following groups (incidence in the 16-28 student and youth population in brackets):

Connecteds (13%)

Creatives (12%)

Curious Minds (17%)

Market Mavens (12%)

Civic Activist (8%)

Insight Tool

Project Director, Melanie Cohen explained that, “Bright Young Minds can be accessed for research purposes by anyone looking to engage with the young, creative and connected people that drive successful and growing brands or to tap into the ideation potential of young people and to utilize their ideas for other target markets.”  Cohen added, “It is an ideal tool for researchers involved in qualitative or quantitative research, large scale ideation, new product development and innovation.  Many of our customers will be looking for help with concept testing and concept evaluation”.

In YouthSight’s tests the ‘Creatives’ group massively outscored other demographically matched respondents in terms of openness, idea generation fluency, rarity, and originality, while the ‘Connected’ group significantly outscored their control group peers in terms of independent on-line assessment tools such as Twitalyzer and TwitterGrader.

Category Opinion Leadership

In addition to identifying the Creative and other segments, Bright Young Minds uses an innovative process to identify opinion leaders.  These characteristics can be overlaid on top of the core BYM segments to identify, for example, young, highly creative and highly influential gamers.

YouthSight managing director, Ben Marks commented, “In building Bright Young Minds we had a great starting point in the OpinionPanel Community - the largest and best recruited youth and student panel in the UK.  By using a carefully constructed segmentation system based on verified scales and the latest thinking in idea generation, we have been able to create a tool that is perfect for anyone who wants to work with the best and the brightest to develop ideas and understand the buzz.”  Marks added, “For some time, it’s not been acceptable for marketing departments to just sell what the R&D guys make.  The best organisations ensure that consumers have a say in product and service design from inception.  However it’s not always easy to find the kind of customers who are capable of helping.  If you’re working on complex design questions you need to be able to reach bright, creative people to consult with right from the start.  With Bright Young Minds, finding the right people for researchers and designers to work with has just become a lot easier.”

YouthSight have already worked successfully with Premier Foods in the early stage development of a new range of Mr Kipling’s cakes. The case study is available here

The first batch of 15,000 profiled Bright Young Minds are available for researchers to access now.

Clients already include Premier Foods.

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