YouthSight Signs Up to the MRS Net Zero Pledge

Support | 08 Sep 2021


We're proud to join the MRS Net Zero Pledge, committing to be net zero by 2026.

So far, approximately 35 companies have joined the pledge, which is a great start. But it's still a disappointingly low portion of the industry, so we have a long way to go. 

We're pleased to say that among the signatories are both YouthSight and our parent company, Savanta. By signing, we're both committing to measure our emissions, reduce them and offset what we cannot reduce. There’s also an element of education about sustainability and supporting conversations about environmental concern within the company included in the Pledge.

The measurement of emissions is quite complex because it includes:

  • Scope 1: the emissions we cause
  • Scope 2: the ones our suppliers make
  • Scope 3: the indirect ones that occur right across our value chain

It’s going to be a complex journey for all companies who commit to Net Zero, and the Scope system may need to be regularly reviewed. But, for service businesses (the biggest part of the UK economy), there’s really not much excuse not to embrace Net Zero.

CEO, Ben Marks commented: "We are, all of us, part of the problem. But we all also have the power to be part of the solution by embracing the idea of Net Zero. It’s the only way we can begin to address the Climate Emergency (and its bedfellow, the biodiversity crisis)."

At YouthSight, we've been diligent for some time. We try to source recycled products, we moved our electricity supplier to a renewables-only company (Bulb) and we have provided substantial support to World Land Trust (this included helping them buy and protect a tract of forest in Borneo, which connects two national Parks). Later this month, when we move office we'll be recycling and upcycling as much as possible, including all the furniture and most of the electrics.

Importantly, Savanta are Net Zero signatories too, which means we have a shared vision for the future. It’s vital because we will eventually be fully integrating into their business and their parent company, Next 15 plc, are going for B Corp certification status. This means the companies they own (including Savanta and YouthSight) get externally audited in terms of their entire social and environmental performance (measuring their impact on their workers, their community, their environment, and their customers).

We're delighted to be part of a group that sees beyond purely profit and cares about the impact they make on their community, country and the planet.

Related topic: Commitment to Inclusivity

As well as taking the pledge to be Net Zero, we have also signed up to the MRS Inclusion Pledge, Managing Director Josephine Hansom is also a steering committee member of MRSpride and Tatenda Musesengwa is a co-founder of the Colour of Research (CORe), which aims to address the issues affecting BAME professionals working within the research sector. 

To find out more about how we're advocating for greater inclusion, read our recent articles here or get in touch below.


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