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Support | 28 Aug 2020


We've all been affected by the turbulent events of 2020 in one way or another. But for a group of like-minded individuals working across the market research sector, 2020 was the catalyst they needed to join force and drive change in the sector.

This group, who are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, share a mission: to be seen and heard in an industry they love, but are currently under represented in. And from this aim, The Colour of Research (CORe) was born.

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CORe is more than just an organisation. It’s a community of people who are championing racial diversity in the research industry with the belief that we are better together. They are changing perspectives and providing support to BAME professionals in the industry, through strategic partnerships, events, mentorship programmes and many other initiatives.

YouthSight’s Managing Director, Tatenda Musesengwa is a founding member of CORe and as a company, we’re delighted that we can support both CORe and Tatenda on their journey to effect change.

We spoke to Tatenda and asked if he could tell us more about CORe, which was officially launched last month (July 2020).


How did you come to be involved in CORe and why was it formed?

Tatenda: For a few years different co-founders have been discussing the idea to form CORe. Then this year we all came together and decided it was the right time to do something. Essentially, the group was formed to solve the issue of ethnic under-representation in the market research industry.

This is two-fold. Firstly, there aren’t many people of an ethnic background working in the industry; people of an ethnic background account for 44% of people living in London, whereas when you look at most - if not all - companies in the industry in London, the numbers don’t come anywhere near this.

Secondly, when you look at people in senior positions, you’ll notice that the problem is even worse. There are very few people of an ethnic background who are agency owners or directors of companies.

What is the aim of CORe?

Tatenda: There is a number of things we want to achieve, the top five being:

  1. Increase representation of people from an ethnic background in the market research industry
  2. Increase representation at a senior leadership level
  3. Help address the helplessness among industry bodies on how to tackle the issue
  4. Address the lack of diverse "fresh faces" entering the industry
  5. Address the problem of a lack of awareness among would-be allies on the issue

How are you planning reaching your goals?

Tatenda: We’re hoping to achieve our goals through a number of different initiatives including: mentorship; fresh face initiatives, strategic partnerships; allyship opportunities; and CityRep pledge. And you can find out more details about these on the CORe website.

CORe was officially launched last month via a virtual launch party. How did the event go?

Tatenda: The launch party was a huge success for us. We had over 200 attendees and it was nice to see people from all backgrounds join, take part and want to be involved in some way. What’s nice, is the event not only gave an opportunity for everyone to meet all the members and hear what we stand for, but it was also a great networking opportunity for people to connect with other people in the industry. Best of all we had a DJ who was playing some classic tunes at the end of the night.

What are you hoping to bring to CORe?

Tatenda: I’m Head of Strategic Partnerships at CORe. So my main responsibility is to help other organisations in the market research industry connect with CORe and support us in achieving the goals I spoke about earlier.

We know a lot of organisations want to make a difference but might not know how they can do this. It’s my job to connect them with CORe so that we can help them figure this out. We’ve already had some very positive discussions with agencies and brands alike who are all eager to partner with us.

It’s been so great to see all the interest!

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Visit the website to find out more about CORe or if you'd like to speak to Tatenda directly, get in touch with us via the 'Get in Touch' form below. 

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