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Brands Research

We help your brand to get stronger and closer to your prospective under-30s audience.


Connect with youth culture

We work with leading brands to improve their salience and relevance to young consumers.  Much of our work is highly customised but we own a tracking resource too via our easy-to-use State of the Youth Nation (SYN) product. This is often the starting point for our relationship with brands, as it provides unlimited opportunities to interrogate youth trend data and insights, helping identify both the mainstream and the most disruptive and influential youth trends.

he research side

Our insight consultants are super experienced. We aren't afraid to challenge your assumptions or re-cast your questions

They’ll design research to help you move your business forward, providing workshop-based action-planning rather than just emailing you a report.

As an agency, we’re method-neutral. We have a large array of tools and tech at your disposal. These include video, online communities, quantitative research with analytics and qualitative research. Plus we have the UK’s largest youth research panel – 150,000 members aged 16-30.  Our breadth and depth of experience mean we can work at the pace your business needs - not the other way round.

We have experience in a wide range of sectors and, over the years, we’ve helped scores of brands to improve their performance among under-30s.

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Over 14 years we’ve worked on thousands of projects. Our happy clients include a huge variety of UK and global brands. Speak to us now and discover how we can help you.

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