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How we helped The Guardian fill their knowledge gap around Gen Z.

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The challenge

 The Guardian works with clients who expect them to be experts; research was therefore needed to inform The Guardian about the issues facing young people today. The Guardian contacted YouthSight to fill the knowledge gaps.

Trina Everall, Head of Youth at The Guardian said: "Understanding our audiences is where it all starts and at the Guardian we knew that if we were helping universities and brands to connect with young people then we had to know everything we possibly could about who they are, where they are, how they live and what's important to them in their lives"

The solution

We conducted an online survey with a representative sample of 16-24s about their day-to-day life, their hopes for the future and the issues that are holding them back. We also conducted a focus group with 10 young people in Birmingham, to ensure we represented a wide range of views – half of the group were at university while half were either in employment, an apprenticeship or unemployed. Across the research we looked at six areas of their lives: University, Politics and Outlook, Career, Money, Media Consumption, Fashion/Brands, Identity, and their lives in general.

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The outcome

YouthSight provided a report that looked at the six areas of young people’s lives in detail, drawing comparisons between Gen Z and Gen Y to fully illustrate the differences between the generations. The report also focused on myth-busting, looking at over 25 myths about young people and what the reality actually is. The research results fed into a series of client events as well as editorial and marketing content, allowing The Guardian to showcase themselves as experts in Gen Z to their clients, audience and stakeholders.

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