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Conjoint Analysis

A great tool for understanding which aspects of your product or service are the real drivers behind your customers’ decisions

When you are planning to bring a new product or service to the market, or make changes to an existing one, you need to get it right. You may be considering a number of possible price points, features or options but are unsure which are the most (and least) important to your target audience, and which may even be detrimental.

Conjoint is a fantastic way of finding out the real drivers for your audience. We will help you design conjoint trade-off scenarios where varying sets of two or more hypothetical feature combinations for a product or service are shown to each respondents, and where respondents are asked to pick a set of features each time.

Analysing this data allows us to infer the real importance and genuine drivers of your audience’s decisions. This means you will get really clear, actionable advice that will allow you to optimise your offering.

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