Unrivalled youth access

Our Panel Services Team is dedicated to helping other research agencies & marketing services agencies to access our 135,000 strong OpinionPanel Community, the UK’s largest and best recruited panel of young people, students and young professionals. We process hundreds of projects every year, supplying most of the UK’s large (and small) research businesses.

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How we help

We help the research industry with both quantitative and qualitative projects through: online sample provision; field & tab; qualitative recruitment; voxpops and online communities.


We care who we recruit

That’s why we partner with high quality, niche organisations such as UCAS Media to help attract the respondents most needed.  Our Community Team also engage in extensive social media marketing in the cause of high quality recruitment.  Clever algorithms and a rigorous screening processes help us guard against multiple identities and for student members we also collect unique ac.uk email addresses.


Real people deserve real rewards

Every member of The OpinionPanel Community receives clear and decent incentives for every survey they take part in.  We reject complex and opaque points systems (which usually make respondents feel cheated) and instead offer a simple 100 to 300 points (worth £1 to £3) for every online survey completed, or up to £30 for online communities, co-creation exercises and focus groups. Treating people with respect and recognising the extent of their involvement improves survey diligence, response rates and validity while decreasing questionnaire speeding and straight-lining.


Our youth focus makes us relevant and compelling

Our offer is different and our surveys are interesting. The articles on our panel website are user-generated and highly provocative.  Much of our work ends up in the public domain and we don’t fish for new panellists in the same places as other panel companies. This all helps cultivate a sense of community and purpose and that’s why Over 75% of our panellists are members of no other UK research communities. This impacts engagement and panel tenure and drives our exceptional user satisfaction –  4.7 / 5 (about 94%) satisfaction.

Who we work with