We get what makes Millennials + Generation Z tick

They’re aspirational, yet resilient. They’re entrepreneurial, yet cautious. They like to stand out, while fitting in.

The Millennial Generation, and Gen Z that came after them, are a complicated bunch. So understanding what makes them tick and how they make their decisions is vital for any organisation hoping to succeed in the youth space.

And no one understands young people better than YouthSight.
Our Youth Research and Insight division has a solution for every challenge, combining qualitative and quantitative approaches and a unique, data and insight tool designed to track the Millennial & Gen Z mindset.


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A quick taste of our secret sauce…


Understand youth decisions – and influence them

You’re only young once. Between the ages of 16 to 25, young people make the big choices that will define their opportunities, aspirations and preferences for a lifetime. We call it the decision-making decade.

To truly understand young people at this crucial stage of their lives, organisations must get to grips with how they make these big decisions. Helping clients achieve this is at the heart of all our work at YouthSight.

We use advanced analytics to identify the information young people use to make decisions, what their priorities are, and how they trade these off against each other. Building on this understanding, we show clients how their brands and organisations can be a part of the decision-making decade.

Learn what your brand really means to young people

Think you know what your brand is all about? Are you sure your young audience feels the same? The relationships that young people have with brands are all tied up in the complexity and contradictions of how they see the world. We help clients understand the essence of their brands, the feelings and ideas associated with them, and the brand values that do and don’t resonate with Millennials and Gen Z.

We use a range of concept and proposition-testing techniques to analyse young people’s preferences and priorities, and to determine how they value the features, functions and benefits of a particular product or service.

Get closer to students

No one is closer to students than YouthSight. With over 70,000 fully profiled students on our panel, from over 400 higher education institutions, we are the go-to agency for researching the student market.

Our student market insight methodology, Brands on Campus, enables our clients to gauge the appeal of brands across numerous universities. It’s an essential tool for evaluating the impact of student brand ambassador programmes and other targeted marketing activity.

Recruit the right graduates

Recruiting the right graduates is key to the future success of many organisations. Whether this is about appealing to the best and brightest, fostering diversity, or completely reviewing the organisation’s ‘employer brand’, YouthSight has the experience to help. We use primary research to help clients evaluate and finesse their recruitment propositions, ensuring they are relevant and compelling for the target candidates.

We also help professional bodies to develop their communications strategies by better understanding what motivates or discourages young people from pursuing careers in particular businesses, professions or subject areas.

Get to the truth about online behaviour

Millennials are digital natives. They don’t just use technology to consume content, they use it to express their own identity. At YouthSight we have invested in R&D to come up with effective, reliable methodologies for monitoring the online behaviour of 16-24-year-olds. Our unique approaches include mobile device metering and creating dedicated social media monitoring panels.

Don’t just innovate for young people, innovate with them

Young people see the world differently to you and your colleagues. How about injecting some of that authenticity into your next campaign or product? Our Bright Young Minds® co-creation service taps into this youthful worldview, revitalising your product or brand with fresh, divergent thinking.

To do this, we select only the most creative, curious, well informed, connected, and brand-aware Millennials, and get them on board to take part in our three-stage co-creation process. Get ready for an inspirational, collaborative journey that will open your eyes to what’s possible for the future of your brand.

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