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Fieldwork Management

Attentive and proactive field management

Our experienced data services team genuinely care about each survey and every client, and we go the extra mile as standard to ensure smooth, successful fieldwork.

We have developed a staged launch approach for new surveys that involves sending out several small batches of invites and meticulously checking the resulting responses, filters, quotas and drop-out points before committing to a full launch of invites. Our inquisitive and investigative attitude guarantees that any issues are caught before they become a problem, and we continue with a regime of regular, comprehensive checks all the way through fieldwork.

When we invite respondents, we apply our attention to detail to every part of the process: relevant, visually clear and engaging emails, careful selection of panellists to ensure that we keep disqualifications during screening and terminations due to filled quotas to an absolute minimum, and measured send-outs to ensure that everyone invited gets a fair chance of being able to complete your survey.

We will keep you apprised of fieldwork progress, any unusual observations and suitable suggestions/advice in a timely, actionable manner.

The quality of our surveys speaks for itself; we pride ourselves on the high quality of our data and our industry-leading response rates of up to 30%.

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