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Our Panels: Graduates

Where else can you access over 15,000 pre-profiled recent graduates?

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The only true source for tomorrow's leaders

As the largest source of students in the UK, it’s only natural we have a large pool of verified graduates. With access to over 13,000 panellists who have recently graduated from Higher Education, we provide access to the leaders of tomorrow. By collecting academic achievement, current employment status and future employment ambition we have the perfect resource for B2B studies, employer brand research and post-education studies. 


The types of audiences we can target include:

Healthcare professionals
Future business owners & entrepreneurs
City workers
Financial service professionals
Teachers and educators
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Our graduate-specific profiling is unmatched, and includes:

  • Institution attended
  • Courses studied
  • Degree class achieved
  • Year of graduation
  • Undergraduate qualification
  • Employment status
  • Sector working in
  • Type of organisation working in.


Download our Panel Book to find out which other audiences we have profiled on our panel.

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