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Market Insight for Higher Education Providers

We help universities stand out from the crowd and win the battle for student attraction, recruitment and conversion


Why more than 90 UK universities choose to work with YouthSight

We’re here to take the guesswork out of your undergraduate and postgraduate strategy. We help you develop plans that aren’t just fit for market, but will move you one or two steps ahead of your rivals.

We offer a full range of "made-to-measure" research services plus a suite of four "off-the-peg" online dashboards, instantly available to help you benchmark, track and identify best in class.

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Great sectoral experience combined with fresh commercial thinking

We work with over 90 UK universities – that’s most of the HE providers in the sector.  At any one time, we’re typically working with over 25 of them. We have an experienced team of HE insight professionals who will design research that addresses your challenges and gives you practical, actionable answers within your budget and time-frame. And, as universities wrestle with the growing need to build brand distinctiveness, our HE team collaborate closely with our brand insight team to provide clients with fresh commercial thinking and innovative approaches.

As well as being experienced in classic approaches such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and surveys with advanced analytics, our HE team often deploy more innovative approaches such as co-creation workshops, social media monitoring, immersion sessions, online communities and video insights. Regardless of the type of research we undertake, the aim is always to provide highly practicable recommendations that can drive your university forward.

Our bespoke insight projects cover recruitment, course development, prospectus development, website optimisation, campaign evaluation, student satisfaction research, open-day evaluation, portfolio review, brand evaluation, offer and scholarship research, decliners and withdrawers research, and many more areas. We will often kick off bespoke projects by conducting desk research and consulting our robust trend data to ensure that any new research is based on a solid foundation and doesn't duplicate.

Our online dashboard subscriptions provides up to 12 years of stable trend data and whole-market access, benchmarking of your marketing performance and granularity to the level of individual competitors, groups of competitors, mission groups and the sector.  Our four dashboards cover undergraduate recruitment, postgraduate recruitment, marketing communications and open days.

Higher Expectations

The biggest Higher Education insight tool. Convert undergraduate applicants to your institution.

  • 13 years of trended insights showing key drivers of picking where to study
  • Over 100,000 interviews
  • See how your institution performs against competitors
  • 50 marketing and recruitment indicators to improve both targeting and conversion rates
HE - PGT Plus

The UK's largest postgraduate insight tool. Convert PGT applicants to your institution.

  • Five years’ of UK and international PGT insights. Discover how prospective students decide what course to choose and where to study
  • Understand their motivations and how much they’re willing to pay. Tailor your strategies to maximise recruitment
HE Marcomms

Ensure your higher education and university marketing campaigns hit the mark.

  • A comprehensive review of the use, influence and needs from key HE marketing and recruitment tools
  • Works for both undergraduate and postgraduate markets
  • Maximise the return on your marketing communications budget. Invest at the right time, on the right channels, with the right tone and content
open day
Open Day Success
New for 2018/19

Our specialist insight product designed to boost your event conversion and provide benchmarking to show best in class performance.

Designed after a detailed discussion with open days teams at universities and identifying real knowledge gaps. Get 10% off if you register this November!



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