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Higher Expectations (HEx) Dashboard 2018/19

The ultimate “HE path to purchase” insight tool for prospective UG students


Beat your rivals. Find out where you underperform and why.

For over a decade, HEx has been providing UK universities with the evidence they need to plan their undergraduate marketing, recruitment and retention strategies. Based on over 130,000 student interviews, HEx is the UK’s largest HE insight tool, unravelling what truly motivates prospective students to pick your institution.

A subscription to HEx will unlock access to over 40 key marketing and recruitment indicators to help refine your targeting and conversion and show what competitors are doing better than you. But that’s not all: you will also become member of our HE Insight Club, which includes:

  • HE & youth culture events where you can put your burning questions to a panel of students and applicants
  • Quarterly thought-leadership reports and presentations on topical HE and youth trends (past topics included)
  • Bespoke annual presentation tailored specifically to address your institution's key business needs


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Designed to keep you plugged into youth and HE culture

What we track in Higher Expectations

We track thousands of data points with 13 years of trends behind them, fully accessible on our cloud-based dashboard

HEx tracks two fundamental elements:

  1. What drivers of choice are important in prospective UG students decision making
  2. How your institution performs against those drivers.


So, how can you tweak your marketing and communications strategy to maximise its impact? Where are you underperforming, and how can you turn this around? What can you learn from your rivals? Why did your decliners turn your offer down? This is only a glance at all the insights featured in HEx.

See 11 of our key drivers of choice below, or get in touch to see all 47 factors and our 22 analysis variables.

11 key drivers of choice
  1. Reputation
  2. Recommendations
  3. Dealings with you
  4. Costs
  5. Social life
  6. Future employability
  7. Location
  8. Campus facilities
  9. Course
  10. Open day
  11. Initial satisfaction and early experience

… and more.

Each driver is split further into specific factors to allow for in-depth diagnosis of your institution’s strength and weaknesses, by over 20  demographic and academic filters, including a student segmentation!

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