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HE Success Suite

Our unique tracking products provide unrivalled market competitor knowledge and years of back-data, accessed through four easy-to-use online dashboards:

Open Day Success | Undergraduate Success | Postgraduate Success | Marcomms Success

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By bringing together powerful tracking data and specialist insight, our HE Success Suite empowers you to achieve your attraction and conversion goals. Get the robust evidence you need to design and validate your student attraction strategy.

What you get

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8 reports per year to spark your thinking

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Up to 10 years of tracking data; yours to manipulate

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Events & Workshops

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Meet peers, talk to applicants and bring ideas to life

 Elevate your recruitment strategies and turn insights into action


Subscription includes:

  • Membership to the HE Insight Club: on-site workshop to address your unique recruitment objectives; exclusive insight reports; regular 'meet your consumer' workshops

  • Ongoing support: full on-site training at most UK universities; dedicated account manager for the duration of your subscriptions

Explore our four trackers

Our tracking products are based on hundreds of thousands of interviews, with trends dating back as far as 2006 - all available instantly at the touch of a button. They look at the entire applicant journey,  covering open days, undergraduate and postgraduate decision making, and marcomms. 


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Open Day Success

Boost your event success by learning what drives conversion
  • Benchmark your open day performance against your peers and competitors

  • Validate your decisions with a robust and relevant sample group
  • Understand what matters most to your prospective students so you can direct investment to where it's going to count most
  • Find out what truly drives choice, informing you on where you should focus your efforts


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Undergraduate Success

 Formerly Higher Expectations (HEx) 
Boost undergraduate attraction and conversion
  • Benchmark your performance against your peers and competitors

  • Drill down into the needs of your target and aspirational audiences
  • Learn how and why you lost out to your competitors
  • Discover the emotional drivers and understand what motivates applicants
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Postgraduate Success

 Formerly PGT+
Boost your postgraduate attraction and conversion
  • Gain unrivalled insight into the factors that impact decision-making
  • Set your PGT fees based on robust evidence
  • Validate your decisions and unearth new opportunities
  • Decode the audiences that make up the complex postgraduate market
marcoms success2

Marcomms Success

 Formerly HE Marcomms 
Enhance your marketing communications by focusing on what impacts choice 
  • Discover when and where to invest to maximise impact

  • Create impactful marcomms strategies tailored to key stages
  • Get an applicant's perspective on your marcomms
  • Gain inspiration by learning what students really think



Features and functionality

 Get the power to interrogate rich, multi-year datasets on your own terms. All subscribers receive ongoing support from a dedicated account manager to help ensure you get the most out of the trackers.

Get unrivalled competitive intelligence; see how you stack up against individual competitors, mission groups and the wider sector and find out how you can stay ahead. 

View the findings as a snapshot or trended over time and discover what best in class looks like.

Find out how your university compares to your competitors individually, as a group (e.g. regionally), as a mission group or across the sector.

HESS benchmark

Capitalise on trends and ensure your university stays relevant. Zero in on the data to track your own university’s evolution or zoom out to look at trends across the sector.

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Export charts and data directly into PowerPoint and Excel. Use this to personalise the data, or create instant, shareable insights with your team.

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‘Filter’ or ‘compare’ operators to analyse factors using a vast range of variables including audience, subject, region and mission group.

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Understand the ‘why behind the what’. Analysis of open-ended verbatim comments brings the numbers to life, captures key themes and gets you closer to the applicant mindset.

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Get instant access to our dashboards. Setup can be arranged within a few hours.

HESS PGT life stage

HE Insight Club

Each HE Success Suite subscription includes membership to the HE Insight Club

Galvanise your team by embedding key insights about your university. Our senior researchers will apply their specialist HE knowledge to address your challenges and help you realise your ambitions.


Keep up to date with regular reports throughout the year, focused on topical challenges, opportunities and threats in the HE space. Each report is exclusive to HE Success Suite subscribers and draws on the latest data from across our four tracking products.


At our events you can meet and work on ideas directly with your target student audience. You’ll also get a chance to hear the latest insights from our experienced HE researchers and network with your peers.


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