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Achieve cut-through, remain relevant, grow your market share through great trend data and great tracking data products. 
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We offer a combination of tracking data and tailored consultancy services to get you the solutions you need.



Insight Consultancy

We're trusted advisers to many brands, government bodies and universities.

Our insight consultants, including our dedicated HE research team are method-agnostic and address your questions with an open mind.  Depending on your challenge, we may use focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys with or without advanced analytics, co-creation workshops, social media monitoring, immersion sessions, online communities, video insights or a combination of the above.  Many consultancy projects start with a trawl of our rich tracking data which often means we hit the ground running. 

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Tracking Data & Insight Clubs

Instant access to a wealth of existing research.

We've been tracking youth trends via our HE Success Suite products since 2005 and via State of the Youth Nation since 2015.

  • Our HE Success Suite helps HEIs improve student attraction and conversion.

Technology & tools

We have an array of tools and technology available for clients most of which interface near instantly into the OpinionPanel Community, the UK's largest youth research panel - 150,000 members aged 13-30.
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