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State of the Youth Nation

Embed Gen Z insight into your organisation

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A State of the Youth Nation subscription 
helps leading brands make
better youth market decisions. 

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Expert trend and insight reports

Stay up-to-date with key trends and youth marketing best practice

Get exclusive access to fortnightly insight updates and in-depth quarterly briefings focused on the 16 - 24 market. Our reports cut through the noise and hype around youth culture to offer practical takeaways that will transform your business. Validated with the latest youth market data, our reports are loved by marketing, comms and insight teams alike. 


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Extensive tracking data from 2015 to present

Base your decisions on solid market evidence - without having to commission extra research 

We carry out interviews with a representative sample of 1000 young people (all Gen Z) every 60 days. Use our platform to track youth trends and deep-dive into our data bank of over 1200 questions. Our interactive Tableau dashboards bring our survey findings to life and allow you to easily search, drill into and filter data so you can find what matters to you most.


An annual workshop tailored to you

Galvanise your team and embed key insight into your business 

Our senior researchers will apply their specialist knowledge to address your tricky business challenges and realise your ambitions in the youth market. We bring together our State of the Youth Nation data, youth market experience and big-picture thinking to spark ideas and actions that will bring real change to your business.

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Co-creation sessions with young people

Collaborate with the consumers of the future

Our popular twice-yearly events will inspire you to put young people front and centre of your strategy. Find out face-to-face what young people think and how they would tackle some of your biggest marketing challenges if they were in charge. Prepare to be impressed!



A library of user-generated vox pop videos

Get to know youth culture from the ground up

Every month we update our video library with vox-pop SnapMe videos, recorded by 16 - 24 year olds from around the UK. Focused on emerging trends in youth culture, these videos provide a close-up and unfiltered perspective on the thoughts and feelings of young people today. 

Youth Culture

We believe knowledge should be used and shared. We hope you find inspiration in the hundreds of articles below:
How Gen Z will change the world

Gen Z are changing the world. They are challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change.

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5 things you should know about Gen Z
We worked with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) to sum up the 5 things you should know about Gen Z.
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Pets are the Tonic for Yappy Days
Tanya Michelsen, Associate Director and Head of Brand Research shares her insight with the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) on why millennials love pets.
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Masculinity is undergoing a makeover
Josephine Hansom, Managing Director (Insight), shares her views on how the beauty industry has finally managed to break into the male market for Research Live and Impact Magazine. 
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Generation Anxious?

ITV News are currently running a series of investigative reports titled: 'Generation Anxious'. And in their latest report, we provide evidence to their claim that there is a rising...

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Millennials, Gen Z and Food: Trends and Truths - Youth Culture Snippet #13

Are young people really spending their money on food fads? Have they all gone vegan? This month we explore the topic of young people and food, with

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Who Are Generation Z? - Youth Culture Snippet #12

Generation Z are the new buzz demographic in marketing. Media and brands across the globe are asking what we can learn from them and how we

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How Do We Cultivate 'Brand Love' With Millennials & Gen Z In 2018? - Youth Culture Snippet #11

We can all relate. There’s nothing quite like your first love, by which of course I mean, trainers. I vividly remember being a student and saving

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What Beyonce’s Beyhive Can Teach Us About Brand Loyalty - Youth Culture Snippet #10

Question - which brand has the ability to captivate young people around the world?  Has the audacity to disrupt systems? Turn its fans into evangelists while overcoming set-backs...

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