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Marcomms Success

Formerly HE Marcomms 

Enhance your marketing communications by focusing on what impacts choice

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· Marcomms Success - part of the HE Success Suite · 
Marcomms Success was initially conceived as a way of discovering what the future held for the printed prospectus in the digital age, but it quickly grew into a comprehensive study of all HE marketing communications, uncovering the usage, influence and information needs across both the undergraduate and postgraduate markets.


What you get

Marcomms Success reveals the usage, influence and information needs of students across key touchpoints on the decision-making timeline and how marketing communication impacts choice.

It not only allows you to understand the role of the printed prospectus, but also what information sources you should invest your resources into, when, and how. A wide range of filters allow you to look at the specific sample groups of interest, for example by fee status, region or subject area.

  • 8,500 prospective undergraduate interviews annually 
  • 38+ information sources analysed 
  • 20+ topics covered


Subscribers receive one year of unlimited access to Marcomms Success and membership of our HE Insight ClubAs with all our HE Success Suite trackers, we host all quantitative and qualitative data in fully-interrogable dashboards, with charts available to export and share at the click of a button

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Create impactful marcomms strategies to key stages

Shape your strategy and messaging to maximise impact

Take a thorough look at what, how and when information is used and the impact it has at each stage in the funnel. Gain insight into applicant information needs and expectations to enable you to shape your strategy and messaging.

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Discover when and where to invest to maximise impact

Track the role and impact of your marcomms

Track the role and impact of marcomms across three pivotal touchpoints in the conversion funnel: starting the research process, the UCAS form and the firm choice.

Our topic areas provide a thorough overview of what, how and when information is used, and the impact information has at each stage. It also includes a look at applicant needs and expectations, helping you to shape your strategy and messaging. The six topic areas are:

  • Decision timeline
  • Source use and influence
  • Information needs by source
  • Information needs benchmark
  • Marketing strategy
  • Clearing
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Get an applicants' perspective on your marcomms

Leave no stone unturned with 38 information sources covered

We cover a huge range of marcomms from printed prospectuses and education fairs to peer-to-peer advice and social media, giving you the full picture of the undergraduate and postgraduate applicant universe - discover what best in class looks like and work out where you miss the mark.

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Gain inspiration by learning what students really think

Explore thousands of verbatim comments

Explore and zero in on thousands of verbatim comments and discover what applicants love and hate about the messages they’ve received. Nail your tone of voice and get new ideas based on how applicants would like to be communicated with.

About our HE Insight Club

All subscribers to our HE Success Suite trackers automatically become part of the HE Insight Club, 
offering workshops, insight reports and events. 

An annual workshop tailored to your challenges


Galvanise your team and embed key insight into your university. Our senior researchers will apply their specialist HE knowledge to address your challenges and help you realise your ambitions.

Expert trend and insight reports


Keep up to date with regular reports throughout the year, focused on topical challenges, opportunities or threats in the HE space. Each report is exclusive to HE Success Suite subscribers and draws on the latest data from across our four tracking products. 

Twice-yearly co-creation and insight events


At our events you can meet and work on ideas with your target student audience. You'll also get a chance to hear the latest insights from our experienced HE researchers and network with your peers.

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