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Online Surveys

Industry leaders in modern online data collection

We understand that your findings are only ever as good as the way the underlying data is collected. Our award-winning online survey environment is clear and engaging, and works well on all browsers and screen sizes.

Our capabilities include all the usual question types you would expect, plus interactive favourites such as sliders, proprietary swipe-and-drag questions, and clever solutions to get around showing long item lists, especially on mobiles.

Additionally, we do of course have the ability to show your images, logos, and video and audio clips (with including techniques to ensure that they are actually viewed/watched in full), plus conversely the facility to seamlessly capture photos, video clips or audio recordings made by our respondents.

Our experienced in-house survey scripting team are web development experts, so if you have any unique requirements for how you would like a question to be asked or a page to be shown to our respondents, we are very happy to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Our surveys use a combination of smart detection methods to weed out speeding, straight-lining or fraudulent respondents as a standard, so you can be confident that you will receive high-quality data every time.

To ensure that we collect your answers in the best possible way, we employ a combination of automatic testing and manual checks by multiple people for all our online surveys prior to inviting any respondents. As a standard, we also include an initial “soft launch” with a small number of respondents in our set-up, followed by in-depth checks of the collected data, before we invite the full complement of required respondents to your survey.

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