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The UK's largest youth research community: over 150,000 highly profiled 16-30 year olds, so you can reach the right people, fast.
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We own and manage The Opinion Panel Community (OPC): an unsurpassed research panel of over 150,000 Millennials & Gen Z, and the UK's largest and highest quality youth, student and young professionals research resource.



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157,630 members aged 16-30
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75% of our panellists are unique to the OPC
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30% average response rate
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1,000+ profiling points
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The Panel

Panellists are encouraged to update their personal details regularly including standard demographics and academic, ownership and behavioural attributes to allow for more granular targeting. Full demographics available are listed in our Panel Book and include:

  • Age
  • Gender 
  • Socio-economic grade
  • Home region
  • Education status
  • Banking provider
  • Mobile phone OS
  • Mobile network
  • Financial products
  • Games consoles
  • Employment status 
  • Hobbies

Specialist audiences

As well as giving you access to our main youth panel, we have applied additional profiling to identify specialist youth audiences among healthcare users (those with medical conditions) and future practitioners, university applicants, students and graduates.

Over 80,500 Higher Education students from across the UK.

Profiling by: Gender | Age | Nationality | Ethnicity | University group | University region | Undergraduate or postgraduate | JACS Subject group | Institution | JACS principle subject | Part-time / full-time status | Course level | Course year | Course duration | Living arrangements | Qualification

36,300 university applicants and considerers.

 Profiling by: Gender | Age | Ethnicity | Nationality | School type | Subject areas applied for | Expected UCAS points | Subjects currently studying | Qualification type | Expected living arrangements | Institutions applied to 

Access future leaders from over 13,000 recent graduates.

Target: Healthcare professionals | Future business owners & entrepreneurs | City workers | Financial service professionals | Teachers & educators | Engineers

Profiling by: Gender | Age | Ethnicity | Nationality | Degree class achieved | Graduate region | Graduation year | Course studied | Year of graduation | UG  qualification | Employment status | Sector | Company type 

The only source for accessing future healthcare professionals and young healthcare consumers.

Target 5,000+ future nurses, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists & doctors and 50,000+ young ailment sufferers & healthcare consumers.

  • Ethnographic research (including virtual ethnography using video diaries)
  • Awareness & usage tracking 
  • Patient diary studies (current & future prescribing behaviour)
  • Conjoint analysis (key clinical prescribing drivers)
  • Forecasting & market sizing
  • Tracking studies 
  • Traditional F-2-F
  • Pricing research (impact of price on volume prescribing)
  • Market segmentation (cluster analysis & CHAID)
  • Brand profiling
  • Aspirational profiling (understand what is important to customers' self-image)
  • Brand mapping



Coming soon in January 2020. 

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Coming soon in January 2020

On 22nd January 2020 we are launching our new panel of 13-15-year olds. 

We understand the challenges faced by researchers when it comes to accessing under-16s, which is why we have put together a comprehensive guide to our recruitment processes that outlines the steps we take to ensure we keep our clients compliant every step of the way.

Enter your details below to download the guide or click the link to sign up for updates about the panel.

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