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Connecting market researchers around the world with a highly-profiled panel of young consumers.

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We help clients across a range of sectors to get answers direct from profiled young consumers, faster than ever before. 

We can support your research projects with a huge range of services from the UK's largest youth research panel.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

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In-house Agencies

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The Panel

YouthSight own and manage The OpinionPanel Community (OPC): an unsurpassed research panel of over 150,000 Millennials & Gen Z, and the UK’s largest and highest quality youth, student and young professionals research resource. With over 75% of our members unique to the OPC, you won’t find as many real 16-30-year old research participants in one place anywhere else in the UK.

Panel Coverage

Panel Coverage

Panel Coverage

We can set representative quotas or find the most niche groups in the youth...
YouthSight Panel & Data Services | Panel Quality

YouthSight Panel & Data Services | Panel Quality

Our clients have confidence in us because we continuously deliver exception...
Download YouthSight's Panel Book

Download YouthSight's Panel Book

Find out how the UK's largest youth research panel can help you reach the r...
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