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Passive Data Collection

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Respondent tracking to supplement your research

We have extensive experience of a wide variety of passive collection methods, from placing simple tracking cookies all the way to recruiting respondents willing to install a bespoke app to collect and analyse their decisions and behaviour without asking questions.

And of course we ensure that we obtain the right level of legally required informed respondent consent for your data collection needs, so that when your data starts aggregating, you have full peace of mind that you can use it any way you planned.

Get in touch to discuss what you have in mind and let us help you make it happen!

Passive is great for...

Digital behaviour
  • Observe the digital behaviour of the youth consumers.
  • View what websites and apps they use on their phones, tablets and PCs. 
  • See what they are searching for online, and how.
Path to purchase

How do young people use different devices to discover and complete a purchase?

Video usage

What are young consumers watching online?

From ads to content, get an understanding of their viewing behaviour.

Competitive intelligence

Understand why people are visiting your competitors' websites.

Send a survey to respondents when they visit a certain site, to discover their thinking.  

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