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The PGT+ Dashboard 2018/19

Increase the appeal of your postgraduate offering


The UK's most comprehensive research on the PGT market

Now in its fourth year, PGT+ is the only whole-market study that reveals how UK and non-UK potential postgraduates decide where to study and what they’re willing to pay, including a section on the new PGT loan.

Our four waves of data are powered by over 8,000 interviews with PGT considerers and 1,000 non-PGT considerers, offer 40+ user-friendly charts to visualise our data, and a bank of verbatims to add authentic voices to the numbers. Members also get bespoke, annual presentations to meet the needs of their team.

PGT+ offers quantitative data at your fingertips.

PGT+ offers a 360° view on PGT decision making

Four years of data with 9,000 interviews

Access all historical data, including data from the October 2016 wave. 40+ user-friendly charts help to keep you up to date, along with filter-and-compare functionality, giving you a unique level of granularity.

Decision-making unravelled
Explore key chapters including motivations and barriers to PGT study, and filter-and-compare functionality (full list of variables below). We’ll also give an annual presentation to you and your team, zeroing in on your needs and tackling your weaknesses.
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7 analysed topics
  • Barriers and motivations to PGT study
  • Dissects key stages of the decision-making process
  • Usage and effectiveness of information sources
  • Preferred modes of study
  • Fee Sensitivity Meter
  • Propensity to study at Undergraduate Institution
  • PGT Loan impact
10 filter variables
  • Year
  • Life stage
  • UG subject studied
  • Intended PG subject
  • UG institution type (e.g. Russell Group)
  • PG study Preference (PT vs. FT)
  • Fee status
  • Current home region
  • Ethnicity
  • Social grade
4 life stage variables
  • Final year  undergraduates
  • Current year graduates
  • 1-5 year graduates
  • 6-10 year graduates

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