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PGT Success 2018/19

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Boost your postgraduate attraction and conversion

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 · PGT Success - part of the HE Success Suite · 
Taught postgraduate degrees (PGT) provide students with a fantastic opportunity to improve their career prospects and learn more about a subject they love. From a university perspective, growing PGT numbers provide a
 great opportunity but, from a marketing perspective, PGT can be fiendishly difficult. With vast numbers of courses and a highly complex market - more a series of micro markets, really - capturing solid market evidence to inform your strategy is the challenge. But we have an answer...


PGT Success is the UK’s most comprehensive research study on the PGT market. It reveals how UK and non-UK prospective postgraduates - at various life stages - decide how, what, why and where to study, and what they are willing to pay.

With six years of data and thousands of responses from PGT considerers and non-considerers alike, PGT Success is an unrivalled insight resource that will have a fundamental impact on your institution's postgraduate attraction and conversion.

What you get with a PGT Success subscription

Subscribers receive one year of unlimited access to PGT Success and membership of our HE Insight Club. As with all our HE Success Suite trackers, we host all quantitative and qualitative data in fully-interrogable dashboards, with charts available to export and share at the click of a button.

HESS PGT life stage

Decode the audiences that make up the complex postgraduate market

View the data across four life stages

Reflecting the non-linear postgraduate journey, our PGT Success sample is made up of four life stages, including both prospective PGT students as well as PGT non-considerers. Explore this data to understand how motivations, barriers and decision-making factors vary for each group. Our four life stages are:

  • Final year undergraduates
  • Recent undergraduates
  • Those who graduated 1 - 5 years ago
  • Those who graduated 6 - 10 years ago
PGT drivers

Get unrivalled insight into the factors that impact decision-making

Dive into seven core drivers of choice

PGT Success is split into seven topics, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how and why prospective postgraduates make the decisions they do. Topics covered:

  • Barriers to PGT study
  • Preferred modes of study
  • The propensity to study at their undergraduate institution
  • Decision making timelines and importance factors
  • Postgraduate loan impact
  • Fee sensitivity
  • Usage and effectiveness of information sources
HESS UG filter

Validate your decisions and unearth new opportunities

Interrogate the data using 15 different analysis variables

Apply subject-level and academic preference analysis variables to find exactly what you need in the data. Filter the findings to emulate your typical and target PGT cohort, or dive into motivations and expectations at a department-level. 


Set your PGT fees based on robust evidence

Explore willingess to pay charts

PGT Success looks at how much potential students are willing to pay for PGT study, with demographic, subject and institution level filters. Apply this data to validate your thinking, discover gaps in the market and align your fee setting to match the expectations of your target audiences.

verbatim HESS 3

Bring the numbers to life with unfiltered student feedback

Glean insight from thousands of open-ended verbatim comments

We ask PGT Success respondents to answer key questions about the decision-making process. This helps you to understand the reasons and factors why students choose to - or choose not to - do a taught masters, as well as the drivers behind institutional choice.

About our HE Insight Club

All subscribers to our HE Success Suite trackers automatically become part of the HE Insight Club, 
offering workshops, insight reports and events. 

An annual workshop tailored to you


Galvanise your team and embed key insight into your university. Our senior researchers will apply their specialist HE knowledge to address your challenges and help you realise your ambitions.

Expert trend and insight reports


Keep up-to-date with eight reports a year, focused on a topical challenge, an opportunity or threat in the HE space. Each report is exclusive to HE Success Suite subscribers and draws on the latest data from across our four trackers. 

Twice-yearly co-creation and insight events


Come along to our popular events where you can meet and work on ideas directly with your target student audience. You'll also get a chance to hear the latest insights from our experienced HE researchers and network with your peers.

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