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The Challenge

Sports and lifestyle brand Puma uses celebrity ambassadors to appeal to a young audience, and was looking for ways to raise the profile of two of its ambassadors, rapper Professor Green and Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

How did young people view these figures? What role did they fulfil for the brand? And how could Puma get more out of these kinds of sponsorships?


The Solution

First off, we ran a three-week online insight community with a target group of young people, to find out how they viewed celebrity brand ambassadors generally. What did they like about them? What turned them off? What kinds of things came across as authentic and inauthentic?

We then ran our Bright Young Minds co-creation programme, where we get creative, switched-on young consumers to work with us and our clients on new concepts. We began by crowd-sourcing ideas, then gradually refined these to identify areas for creative exploration.

Finally, we brought our young consumers together with the Puma brand team and PR agency for a co-creation workshop. This end-to-end innovation process injected youthful, divergent thinking into Puma’s strategy and provided five distinct concepts for the brand to take forward.

The Outcome

Thanks to our co-creation process, Puma put in place two sponsorship engagement strategies that helped raise the profiles of their sponsored celebrities' roles as Puma ambassadors, gaining the brand more value from its sponsorships.

What next?

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