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Study overview
  • A comprehensive market study of open days at UK universities for marketing teams
  • Based on 11,000 open day visits by 4500 university applicants
  • Private data for HE professionals to learn from, not a public league table
  • Includes XX universities, 60 universities with between 50 and 350 ratings
  • Full user-defined “filter and compare” functionality by individual, group and type of institution, location, subject, academic achievement, WP and extensive demographics
  • Online dashboard, 1-year subscription, unlimited analysis
  • Membership of our HE Insight Club with regular events and insight reports


  • How to get more prospective students attending your open day?
  • How to make an event that delivers against the real needs of your target audience?
  • Which elements of your day are more (or less) effective at driving conversion?
    • via 13 functional and emotional performance metrics using Max-Diff and Key Drivers Analysis
  • Unpack the intangibles, - what does a sense of belonging mean? And what can you do about it?


 Benchmarking/best in class
  • How do your open days rate against your competitors?
  • Which universities run the best and worst open days…and why?
  • Learn from best in class – what factors really wow?