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Sampling and Quotas

Experts in representative youth populations

Because no-one understands youth research better than we do, we are best placed to support you in achieving truly representative results.

To this end, we maintain, review and regularly update a diverse selection of UK youth population data sets from high-quality sources such as the Office for National Statistics, UCAS and HESA.

We are able to develop a framework for the required number of completes per category in multiple dimensions such as genders, age groups etc. to ensure that your survey data really represents the views of the population you are researching. And because we have decades of experience with the various youth populations, we can also advise you what the right sample dimensions for your particular research needs are.

To satisfy even the most demanding granular sampling requirements, we collect up to 1,500 data points such as region, employment status and interests for each of our panellists – far more than most research agencies! We push our panellists to update their information regularly, and we are able to filter who we will invite to your survey by any combination of these data points.

In our surveys, we set automatically managed quota targets for each cell in each selected demographic dimension to ensure that we achieve the right distribution of completers to guarantee your data set is representative.

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