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Segmentation and Golden Questions

Find out what intuitive and revealing groups your respondents belong to, and apply these groupings to other data sets

Segmentation is a great tool for achieving a deeper understanding of your target audience. We will identify the main questions and demographics that distinguish the various respondent groups in your survey data, and use this information to give these segments meaningful names and descriptions.

We can then use these segments to analyse your data further and recommend effective ways of communicating with, marketing to, and otherwise engaging each segment.

Because these segments are so useful, many of our clients want to use them in future repeats of the same survey, or even apply them to other data sets. We are happy to help with this by developing “golden questions” - in other words, identifying the questions and other data points in the survey that play the most crucial role in determining a respondent’s segment.

Following this, we are able to derive a segmentation algorithm that can be applied to any data set that contains the golden questions to put other respondents into the same segments, making the segmentation process even more useful to you!

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